About the Artist 

Jennifer Gunter lives in an eclectic neighborhood in Portland, Oregon and is an avid gardener, enjoying fuchsia plants and giant timber bamboo. She shares her garden with a small, but intrepid, feral cat colony.

Her hobbies include belly dancing, enjoying live blues music, and exploring Portland's many neighborhoods. She also loves cooking, reading,  sewing, and spending time with friends.  The small number of hours in each day prevent her from doing as much of these activities as she would like.
Among the things that have been influential in her life and art are the artists Peter Max, Mary Cassat, and James Tissot. Two of her favorite authors are the very amazing Jane Austen and Pablo Neruda. She loves the poems of Robert Louis Stevenson. 


While not all of the characters in her art are representative of actual cats or people, most are based on the personalities around her.​

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